The 4 BEST Password Managers in 2020

Written by Sam Jones
Apr 15, 2020 - 5 minute read

There's plenty of password managers floating around the internet but which is the best for your business...

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I'm going to take an educated guess here and assume you're currently doing some of the following:

1) Using an easily guessable password

2) Using the same password across multiple sites

3) Stored your passwords in an unsecured location

Don't worry, we've all been there.

Changing your password feels like an incredibly long process, you tell yourself things like...

"What are the chances I'd get hacked?"


"It would never actually happen to me"

Then, ironically, you get hacked on one platform, lose access to every other platform and it is all because you decided to use your dog's name as your password.

Hopefully you haven't had to go through that as once you're doing this article, you should have everything you need to make your accounts far more secure.

What is a password manager and why do you need one?

A password manager is a cybersecurity tool which allows you to keep all your passwords and sensitive information in one secure place.

A key feature of all password managers is having a master password to protect your vault of passwords. Also, password managers give you the ability to manually import your current passwords or import through your default browser. The password managers will then give you suggestions and reports on how to make those passwords stronger.

Here's three reasons why you need a password manager:

1) Using a password manager will mean you won't have to worry about the complexity your passwords ever again

2) You can use different passwords for each site that you use

3) No more memorising passwords 


1. Keeper

The Keeper Password Manager is one of t


he most top rated password managers in the market with a very impressive 4.7 out of 5 TrustScore on TrustPilot.

Key Features

  • Keeper protects you on all your devices which means you have unlimited devices and unlimited storage
  • For any website or application you're using, Keeper's autofill tool will automatically create a random and strong password for you to use.
  • Keeper allows you to have up to 5 emergency contacts if you do ever get locked out of your account
  • Keeper features a Dark Web scan which ensures your credentials are not available for hackers to purchase on the Dark Web
  • Keeper's mobile application is one of the best in the market with a 4.9 out of 5 rating on the App Store and 4.6 out of 5 rating on the Google Play store.
  • Easy to navigate, set up and sync.


  • Keeper gives you the option to enable two-factor authentication on your account to add an extra layer of protection for your master password
  • Keeper also uses the AES 256-bit encryption and PBKDF2 which is renown for being secure amongst most in the industry.


  • You can begin your journey with Keeper on their free plan where you can use a single device without any syncing and you can also test out their paid plans for free for 30 days.

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is regarded as one of the most complete password managers available and their mission to help individuals and businesses reclaim their digital independence has resonated with thousands of users. They focus on speed as they want your user experience to be smooth as possible.


Key Features

  • Dark Web Scans
  • Desktop and Browser autofill 
  • Available to use on every device
  • Identity restoration support
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Inbox scans
  • Unlimited Password Storage
  • A Virtual Private Network
  • Real time credit monitoring


  • Dashlane has the industry standard in encryption (AES 256-bit) and password hacking (PBKDF2 SHA-256) as well as a setting for Argon2d encryption. You can fully expect your passwords to be safe with Dashlane.


  • Dashlane's free plan gives up to 50 passwords on 1 device, personalised security alerts and a host of other details you can view by clicking here. Their premium service can be purchased for around £2.65 a month.

3. LastPass

LastPass is known for being the most affordable and best value for money password manager in the market. LastPass are also brilliant at fixing any flaws in their security with constant updates ensuring your account credentials stay safe.


Key Features

  • Desktop and Browser autofill 
  • Dark web scan
  • Available on a wider number of devices and browsers
  • Secure storage for passport and credit card information
  • Free credit monitoring
  • Emergency Contact
  • Online Support
  • Community Forum
  • Phone Support
  • High quality mobile application


  • LastPass also has the industry standard in encryption (AES 256-bit) and password hashing (PBKDF2 SHA-256). LastPass also has the option for the user to use two-factor authentication.


  • LastPass has the best free plan available on the market with unlimited storage and multi-device sync being included.

4. 1Password

1Password is an incredibly popular password manager due its unique travel mode and easy to use applications and has had over 15 million worldwide users.


Key Features

  • Travel mode which remotely removes sensitive data from your device whilst you travel to prevent people diving into your device credentials
  • Watchtower feature scans the dark web for your credentials
  • Autofill function
  • Online support centre
  • Email and Twitter Support
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Available on a wide range of browsers and operating systems


  • 1Password also has the industry standard in encryption (AES 256-bit) and password hashing (PBKDF2 SHA-256) with the option for the user to also enable two-factor authentication.


  • Whilst 1Password does not have a free version, it does come with a 30 day free trial and you can utilise their travel mode and unlimited password features for as little as £2.39 a month once the trial runs out.


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